Pastor Oswin Michael

Bridgewater New Jersey USA

Pastor Oswin Michael
201 993 6937

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I was born and brought up in a Roman Catholic family in a village called Sadayalputhur in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, South India . My mother was a teacher and my father was a Panchayat Officer. I was brought up in a very good devoted Christian family with Christian principles. My father and his family were involved in the Christian Mission organizations and voiced out for the oppressed Christians during the early days. When I was a teenager, I wanted to become a Catholic Priest. So I joined in Kottar Diocese Seminary, Kanyakumari District,, South India and studied for 1 year. Then I came back and studied Diploma in Civil Engineering. Due to the various afflicting situations in my life, I moved from Kanyakumari to the northern part of India of Nagaland and Bombay(now called Mumbai) and even to Chennai. . I was totally depressed and my future was very dark and bleak. It was the pure grace of God, that I was alive at that time in spite of all the anti forces that tormented my life. The Lord Jesus Christ intervened in the right time in my life and then I moved from India to Bahrain. So I went to Bahrain hoping to see a ray of light in the valley of darkness which I was passing through. But God’s plans were different. He gave me a good job, I regularly went to Church and gave my life 100% to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and I received God’s salvation in April 24, 1994. Then according to the word of God I took Immersion Baptism and received the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

In the year 1996, the Lord saved me from a major head-on collision in Bahrain without a small scratch. The Lord used me mightily in Bahrain in hospitals and churches and gave me his gifts to deliver the demon-possessed. I had a thirst for souls, even in my work-spot I used to tell the word of God to all my co-workers. The Lord taught me the secrets of the heavenly life by leading me through a dry valley.

Then in the year 1998, I came back to India and got married to my wife, Sheeba, by the pure will of God on December 7 of the same year, in New Life Assembly Of God Church, Saidapet, Chennai and we registered our Jesus Family Ministry in the month of January 1999 as a Christian Religious and Social Trust. And in the same month we visited all our village churches in Thiruvannamalai District. We lost all our belongings and although there were trials and tribulations, we found immense joy in preaching the Gospel and we opened the closed Churches to witness for Christ and reach out all the unreached souls.

Then by the pure grace of our Lord, I left Bahrain and came to the US, a Christian Nation. Jesus led me in a beautiful way to this wonderful country. Even in USA, Lord is doing mighty things through me and now I can understand God’s plan of placing me in this country. Our ministry is also growing by the grace of our Lord. Now we are able to support more than 40 widows, feed more than 30 orphan kids, support 12 tailoring schools where by 240 students learn tailoring to stand on their own feet to sustain their families. We also support around 40 Full time Pastors and Evangelists in Tamilnadu . And we have extended our Church work in Kandamal district of Orissa and Srilanka .