Rev.Israel Arem


Rev.Israel Arem
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I Rev.Israel Arem the third son of Late Mr. Lazarus Paul Arem and Late Mrs. Shiromani Lazarus Arem. I was born and brought up in a Christian family. My father came to Mumbai at the age of seventeen, which is in the year of 1943. He worked in Mumbai in a very reputed company and after getting married he settled in Mumbai itself.We are total five siblings of four brothers and onesister and all of us are born and brought up in Mumbai. We allare married and well settled in Mumbai.

When God gave four sons and one daughter to my parents they had a heartfelt desire that at least one of their children should do full time God’s ministry. Especially my mother always desired that I should go forGod’s ministry. But as I was growing up I completed my from Mumbai University.Throughout this time my mother asked me several times to go for Biblical Studies and become a Pastor. Though from childhood I was very active in church works but I had a fear that if I goforfull time God’s ministry will I be able to serve Godthoroughly or not thisthought had always held me from taking a back step in thinking about my capability of doing God’s ministry. Being born and raised in a Christian family and growing up with God’s fear since childhood I have had many visionsabout me wearing a pastor’s gown and preaching in the church. Whenever I used to attend some revival meetings, God used to speak to me through the speaker’s messages to inspire me to dedicate myself to God’s full time ministry. But I neglected it, because of my inner fear about my capabilities to fulfill it. I however, neglected God’s call and joined one of the reputed finance company as a junior accountant and immediately within six years got promotedand promotion after promotion followed which ultimately led me to the position of aBranch Manager. After getting married to Leela Krupavathi Akkidasari in Nov 1998, I told my wife if God called us for full time ministry will you agree, for that she answered nothing.

On 5th January 1999 while we both were praying I heard a call from God saying “Will you surrender your life to do my ministry, this is the last time I am calling you” after our prayers I told my wife that God is calling me to do his ministry and immediately my wife replied that she as well heard God’s call the same timeasking to go for his ministry. So in this way we accepted God’s call and I resigned my Job and joined Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, Maharashtra forpursuing theological studies to do BD course and for my wife to doher Diploma courses and Ministirial Certificate courses. After completion of my BD in 2003 I was appointed back to my home Church as an assistant Pastor where my parents were one among the founders of “The Rahator Memorial Methodist Telugu Central Church"I am very thankful to my mother church Rahator Memorial Methodist Telugu Central Church, ParelMumbai, forsponsoring my theological studies and supporting me in all possible ways.

In 2004 due to the need of a Pastor I was transferred to Methodist Telugu Church, Kurla. After serving in this church and doing a great ministry for the last 14 years in April 2018 once again I have been transferred to Epworth Methodist Telugu Church, Nerul, Navi Mumbai.

All these years by serving God through his ministry Me and my family have been blessed beyond measure and consider this as a one of the greatest God given privileges to preach his word to the people.

I am so submissively thankful to God for leading and using us insuch a wonderful way to bring back many perishing and lost souls back for building his kingdom.

Today I can say God is fulfilling his promises to me which he had given me before I joined theological college. Isaiah 58:12 “Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will rise up the age - old foundations; you will be called repairer of broken walls, restorer of streets with dwellings.”

God has also blessed me with two beautiful children a daughter and a son. My daughter’s name is Jessica Arem and son’s name is Justin Arem. I thank God for giving me a prayerful and supportive wife Leela Krupavathi who has always stood by me in my entire journey so far. I also thank all my brother’s and sister’s families for all their encouragement and prayerful support.

I give all glory to our living and mighty God for his immense blessings and grace upon my family.

As I serve this Epworth Methodist Telugu Church, Nerul, Navi Mumbai, I humblyrequest all of you to join our Sunday worship service if you are not going to any church to worship God.