Pastor Joshua S

West Watford London USA

Pastor Joshua S
44 78773 90075, +44 74497

Reflecting over past 10 years, we can recall many blessings of God on our Glory of God Illuminated Church.There have been blessing in the ministry, blessings In families and blessings in personal lives. We faced lot of challenges, toils and snares, but the Almighty God overall poured blessings on GGIC family. We praise the Lord for that.

We are sons and daughters of HIM and we all are called to serve HIM. Our goal is to have more concerted and unified efforts in reaching the lost like early Church in the book of Acts. We recognise that the time is short and desire to to do all that we can reach the lost and the dying world.To achieve this we need more prayers, more dedication and zeal for God. You all are challenged to love more, serve more and give more(time) to advance the Kingdom of God.

Be an ambassador to help other members to become consistent in their faith and diligent leaders in the Church.Make a fervent prayers, do all that you can to promote the faith by inviting people to Christ. Make praise not only a Sunday experience but a daily reality by learning to live the life. We are a team for Christ. Let’s continue with our vision: Pray,Promote and Praise.Make our highest priority to serve the Lord by giving your talents, time and energy.