Samuel Benjamin

Chicago Illinois USA

Samuel Benjamin

Greetings to all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I give all the glory to God the Father God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

I’m thankful to my gracious God and His blessings to join me with His servant, Archbishop Jacob Agepog and First Lady Sister Myrtle in Lord’s service through Agape International Church, Inc and their Ministry, to serve our God and His people.

In this regard, I Samuel Benjamin, like to introduce myself. I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, to a God fearing and church going couple Drusilla Benjamin, and Benjamin Samson. When i was about 5 years old we were blessed with my sister Salome. Now, as Salome Victor. My mother was a registered nurse and my father was an electric foreman. They were very hard working people and gave us a very good education, love and care.

We were members of Methodist Church. I and my sister attended Sunday school in the morning and church service with our parents in the afternoon regularly. My sister and I grew up in a church atmosphere. We were in church choir and church youth ministry. I had been a church youth president as well. I studied in St. Paul High School, which was Roman Catholic School. Then I attended Premier College to study Commerce. During my teenage years I used to go Preaching with my uncle Patterson, who worked as officer in charge in Pakistan Bible Society, to remote villages among Hindus and Muslims who work in the fields of Sindh Province.

In 1976 I was blessed in my marriage to Perveen. I got a job located in Bahrain Middle East at the Four Star Delmon Hotel as a cashier. God’s graceful hand was on me, and in my years of service at Delmon I was promoted five times from cashier to Hotel Manager. During these 15 years. Praise the Lord. I had been evangelizing and preaching, God’s word during my personal time. There I was blessed with one daughter Cheryl, and two sons, Amanwel and Solomon.

In January 1991 i migrated to Palatine, IL and joined my sister and mother. My father had already went to the Lord. It was really a challenge to restart the life from zero. I tried for my profession, but was unsuccessful. So I worked in Palatine at Sisters of the Poor nursing home for two years, then worked for five years at Lutheran Nursing Home in Arlington Heights. Then later I joined Ashawn Limo Company with Siraj Ladha until 2014.

Here in USA I started attending Masihi Church of God, now located in Rolling Meadows. Church pastors were Rev. Younas Paul, and Rev. William Paul. This Church was under umbrella of Church of God. In my first year they appointed me as elder of the Church. We used to conduct large services of the Indo- Pak Community. Later, the church board, made me Assistant Pastor. In cases where Head Pastors were out of town I used to lead the church service and its ministry.

In July, 2012, I graduated from Church of God College in Pastoral Calling and Church Ministry. Along with my job, I was also fully involved as Pastor in our Church Ministry in leading Church activities, along with Pastor William Paul. I also worked as Pastor at Go Preach Christ Church with Bishop Javed Johnson and Pastor Solomon Mall. I was really blessed blessed by our Lord throughout Church Ministry and Church Outreach Ministry and Evangelism.

In 2014 I retired from working and devoted all my time to the Lord and my Family. I moved to a Chicago apartment for a few years and now I am residing along with my daughter Cheryl and son in law Jayesh and their beautiful five children. I’m also blessed with my grandson Logan from my son Solomon, and daughter in law Jill. My son Amanwel is single and God’s grace is upon him.

Praise the Lord the last 5 years I am fully involved with Archbishop Jacob Agepog and Sister Myrtle at Agape International Church as Pastor.