Pr. Anup Daniel

Milpitas California USA

Pr. Anup Daniel

Anup Daniel is the Founding Pastor & Chairman of the Executive Board at Rock of Salvation Church. He is a Ordained & Licensed Minister ​who is a visionary, provocative thinker, teacher, counselor & a dynamic preacher of gospel. He was born in a Syrian Orthodox family, but ​ by God's grace accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior & was baptized in 1989.
Having received his mandate from God ​obediently fulfilled his calling for the ministry. He has a tremendous passion to Preach the gospel with power in ​uncompromising way, leading ​into life transformation, deliverance, and leading souls to the Kingdom of God by His grace. Holding firmly to the commissioned mandate from God, he has also taken gospel into national and international communities of ​the world. His vision is uncompromisingly clear, with one central principle; to build and develop a kingdom of empowered people for God.
​He and his ​wife, Christina Daniel are blessed with two children, son Jonathan and daughter Johanna. Prior to Rock of Salvation​ Church, he was instrumental in pioneering another Church in bay area, where he provided Spiritual Pastoral leadership & served in various capacities for several years since 1999.
Pastor Daniel holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and Master’s Degree in Business Administration and ​currently he is pursuing his PhD/ ​Doctorate Degree in Biblical Theology.