John Sathri
929 895 0033

At a very young age, Pastor John Sathri is called in to ministry by God to serve our community through internet ministry and later as a pastor of Indian Community Church of the Valley. In 2007, John and his wife, Suneetha, have dedicated their lives to serve God. As a pastor, he has become well known for his unique style for preaching God’s word, making them come alive and relate it to the present day challanges and needs.

Pastor John has had the rare privilege of watching God’s miraculous hand move in the individual lives of those in the fellowship as well as the corporate body as a whole. From the first meeting in a living room with 3 families in attendance at a home in Pleasanton, ICCOV has now become home to many men and women from the tri-valley area, and ranks as first International church in the country to webcast live church services. Pastor John attributes ICCOV rapid growth and gives total credit and all the glory to God alone.