Soori Christopher

Highgate London United Kingdom

Soori Christopher

Born in Sri Lanka, Pastor Sorri moved to North London in 1988 to start a new life as a newly married man. In 1994, he was radically saved and dedicated his life to Christ and became immersed in a large tamil speaking congregation in London.

After feeling the Lord calling into the ministry as a full time pastor, Grace Evangelical Church was started in 2001 to cater the needs of the Srilankan community in London. Over time, the Lord has led the church to become one that serves the wider community and though still has Srilankan roots, it has become a church of multiple nationalities.

Pastor Soori graduated from London Thelogical Seminary in 2019 and continues to have a passion for the North London area. Along with his wife and children, they continue to lead the congregation with biblical teaching and pastoral care.