Rev Kanagaratnam Joseph

Ilford London United Kingdom

Rev Kanagaratnam Joseph
Senior Pastor
07903 436 250

Greetings in the immaculate name of our Saviour & Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Kanagaratnam Joseph, married to my dear wife Anne and having three children Arun, Arul and Andrew.

We were living a comfortable life in Sri Lanka. In July 1983 our lives were suddenly took a different direction due the political turmoil in Srilanka. There was uncertainty about our future. In spite of the hardship and fearful situation we endured during those days some how God preserved our lives in all our dark valleys of death. We had several miraculous escapes from the brink of the death. We came to the UK in 1990 hoping for a safe and better life. In the early period of 1991 when our lives seems to be settled and safe God started working in our hearts and soul for us to realize the purpose He brought us here .

God spoke to us through His Word In a desert land He found him, in a barren and howling waste. He shielded him and cared for him; He guarded him as the apple of His eye, like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them on its pinions.” (Deuteronomy 32: 10-11)

Being obedient to His calling we committed ourselves completely to the Lord and got Baptised 1992. When we started obeying the Word of God we could experience how wonderfully God transformed our lives and still continuing His work in us. We experienced the wonder working power of the Lord in our lives. My wife was delivered from horrible nightmares. We were healed from number of illnesses and many more … Glory to GOD.

In one of the meeting in 1992 Lord spoke to us through His servant Brother. D.G.S. Dinakaran and revealed us the calling to serve Him. Since we were not clear about our calling we prayed and asked God’s clear leading on this matter. Days passed by and the calling from the LORD to serve him was becoming more clear. God spoke clearly through several means. At His precise time I resigned from my secular job and joined as a full time Trainee Assistant Pastor.

I attended Spurgeon’s Theological College for further studies where I was equipped in the Pastoral, Counseling, Church Planting, Evangelism ministries. Then I was ordained as an Associate Pastor for the Emmanuel Christian Fellowship.

By the grace of the LORD our congregation grew in numbers and in spirit. Eventually We started a daughter church in Ilford area in 2001 . Many have come to know the Lord since then. It is a joy to say that number of our family members too came to know the LORD through us since we came to know the Lord.

We do face challenges, trials, and tribulations in the road of our ministry as all the servants of God face in various ways. In midst of all the wonderful experiences we enjoy in the fellowship with the LORD and his people and the ones whom He has entrusted to us.