Pr T. G. Samuel

It is a matter great honour and privilege that I could extend my gratitude to every one of you as we embark on yet another year of service in the Lord’s vineyard.

It goes without say that the last one year was a year of many trials and tribulation. The spiritual growth of the church did enable our youth to make progresses in their school education, and it has enabled many to advance towards university education. Though a matter of gratification that our youth move on to higher education, their regular absence in the worship and other activities of the church does not seemed to have hampered the programmes of the church in many ways.

However, the uninterrupted continuation in once place for the worship service, and the unity and integrity of the Spiritual Leadership along with the able-bodied Trustee Board have enabled church to face challenges and crises that mounted against its existence and continuation during the last year.

Extended into many missions like outreaches and branch work, the church was able to execute its mission commitment to the communities as well as to the Lord.

Had it not been for the wholehearted commitment and collective responsibility and participation of the members and well wishers of the CBPC, we might not have been able to do justice to our mission.

To conclude, I must confirm with great certainty that the last year was also a year of the Lord’s boundless favour upon the church.

Therefore I give all honour, praise and gratitude to the Lord for the helping the church stand one more year.

And my special thanks to every one of the members of the church for your active involvement in and contribution towards the growth of the church. May the Lord bless every one of us.