Sister Sarah Navaroji

Chennai Tamil Nadu India

May 12, 1938 - Jul 22, 2014

Sister Sarah Navaroji (12 May 1938 – 22 July 2014) was a South Indian evangelical preacher and the founder of the Zion Gospel Prayer Fellowship Church. She was one of the few influential women Christian leaders of South Indian Pentecostalism.

Sister SARAH NAVAROJI is the Founder of ZION GOSPEL PRAYER FELLOWSHIP CHURCH. In her prime Youth, in the year 1960, Sister Sarah Navaroji entered the Lords Ministry in Obediance to the great call of her Master Lord Jesus Christ who Commissioned her with four fold Ministries of four P's that are POETIC SONG MINISTRY, PREACHING MINISTRY, PLANTING OF CHURCHES MINISTRY AND PROPHETIC MINISTRY.

Her Hard Work, Dedication, Obedience, Sanctification and Consecration are the aspects that have impressed the Lord to entrust her with such a great task of manifold ministries. Through her Preaching and Prophetic ministry many are blessed and have received God's deliverance throughout the world , became faithful believers of Lord Jesus Christ and many are the preachers, Evangelists and Pastors doing powerful ministry of the Lord to-day. Her divine songs are comforting, consoling and also exhorting people around the world.