Dr. Clifford Kumar

Chennai Tamil Nadu India

Dr.Clifford Kumar is a medical doctor who gave up his profession & wealth to serve the Lord full time after he was miraculously cured of throat cancer through the touch of God’s mighty hand. Ever since, he has been serving the Lord traveling all over the world, especially in different parts of India, sharing the gospel through his soul stirring songs, inspiring testimonies & the powerful word of God.
A gifted & anointed man of God, he is well known in India having been in the deliverance ministry for more than 30 years. Thousands have been delivered from witchcraft, sickness & problems through the gifts that the Lord has placed on His life & many non-Christians have been saved through his faithful ministry. He has released 14 Tamil albums of songs that he had composed by himself & are popularly sung in many churches today.His 15th album would be released shortly.
He resides in Chennai, India & continues his ministry with greater fervor & zeal than ever before, traveling the length & breath of India & different parts of the world, for the glory of God.

Please uphold him in your prayers in his journeys as he carries the gospel to the nations in his 80s.