Rev. Dr. John Wilson Gladstone

Travancore Kerala India

Dec 25, 1945

Rev. Dr. Gladstone was born on 25 December 1945 in Travancore. into a pastoral family. His father, Rev. J. Wilson, was a Pastor of the CSI He had an inclination towards priesthood and after his schooling pursued bachelor's and master's degrees in economics in Thiruvananthapuram.

In 1969, Rev. Dr. Gladstone joined the United Theological College [UTC, Bangalore – the only autonomous college under the Senate of Serampore College] where he received a Bachelor of Divinity degree.[4] After finishing his studies in divinity in 1972 he again enrolled at UTC where, in 1975, he obtained a Master of Theology degree in the discipline of church history.

Subsequently, Rev. Dr. Gladstone returned to Thiruvananthapuram to resume his teaching responsibilities. In 1991 he became Principal of the KUTS, Thiruvananthapuram.