Pastor Manu Menon

Kottarakkara Kerala India

Pastor Manu Menon
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On a Sunday morning, people in their hundreds assemble at a hotel near Thrissur railway station to listen to a pastor preaching the Gospel and in addition performs ‘miracles’ and wonders!
After his morning session, he has to leave for Ernakulam where also hundreds wait to listen to him in the centre of the town. That session starts at 2.30 pm.
They are not willing to leave the service after it is over at 10 am but wait for a touch ( a sort of short prayer!) by the pastor as if he is some extraordinary saint come to bless humans!! People’s faith in him is amazing.

The real mystery however is how this Manu Menon born in a Hindu family in Manarcad area of Palakkad district goes about preaching the Gospel. Many remember to have seen him as a devout person going around the famous temples of Kerala and Thrissur. How come his fascination for the Gospel?

He says after his graduation from Kalady College , he has gone all over the country visiting famous religious places seeking peace. But found no peace.

Menon is an ordained pastor of the South Indian Assemblies of God (SIAG) Karnataka under which he pioneered a church in Bangalore.

In the year 2013, God asked him to move back to Kerala with a vision to bring people who are living in darkness to the light of Christ. God revealed to Him that even so called born-again believers are not leading a life glorifying the Lord. He started his first crusade in hiruvanathapuram.

And in 2014 God wanted him to pioneer a church in Ernakulam. The worship services first started in the YMCA Hall and later moved to the Kings Lounge auditorium on MG Road. In 2015, he also began deliverance seminars in Thrissur, Kottayam, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram and Palakkad.

His congregation members wonder how he manages to run so many programmes for the benefit of the people. He says that the joys of people who gets delivered from their troubles and pains motivates him to move on.

Pastor Menon is married to Sheeba who is a prophetess and is ewqually being used by God in the ministry.They are blessed with two daughters, Rhema and Neuma.