Rev. Dr. Solomon Arumainayagam

North York Ontario Canada

Rev. Dr. Solomon Arumainayagam

Our Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Solomon Arumainayagam has always been walking with the Lord. He is the son of Rev. and Mrs. C.P.D. Arumainayagam and as such, has always had a desire to serve God.
His father, the late Rev. C.P.D. Arumainayagam was used mightily by God. He was monumental in spreading the charismatic movement in Sri Lanka. He pioneered and planted many churches and started a full gospel church in the north of Sri Lanka amongst the Hindu people. Today there are many pastors and bishops doing God's work around the world who have come out of this very church. Today it is one of the largest churches in northern Sri lanka with many branches.

That same God is now at work in the life of Rev. Solomon Arumainayagam. In 1978 Rev. Solomon was called in to the ministry and subsequently went to USA to pursue his studies. Upon his return to Sri Lanka, he graduated in 1982 from Bible College. After graduation, Rev. S. Arumainayagam was a lecturer at the same Bible College from which he graduated. At the same time he was the youth director at Siloam Evangelical Church.

In 1985 he migrated to Canada with his family and in 1987 pioneered the ministry that God called him into in Toronto, Ontario.

Rev. S. Arumainayagam was subsequently ordained within the Evangelical Missionary Church of Canada.

Over the years, he has planted churches throughout Ontario.
He has also had a passion to work with the people in Sri Lanka and in India and with God's help, he started churches in those countries also.