Prophetess Michelle Kamal delivers a strong prophetic message that has challenged and transformed leaders in the Body of Christ around the world. She is a prophet, spokeswoman to the nations and world-class leader recognized around the globe as the Voice of Christ. She has been called at such a time as this to "serve one another in love" as the mouth-piece for the Lord as we approach the end time.

For over 15 years, Prophetess Michelle Kamal has served the Lord by traveling to over 30 nations to train faith leaders, speaks at Christian conferences and spread the Word of Christ to the masses. She is a revivalist and spiritual leader whose personal testimony has touched many lives. For past 13 years, she has been an active advocate of Christian media ministry with programs telecast over satellite, cable and IPTV.

She is the founder of Love Rescue Ministries, LRBN--Global Christian IPTV and Love Rescue Fellowship Center in Ontario, Canada, a non-denominational evangelical church.

Prophetess / Pastor Michelle Kamal has witnessed firsthand the power of delivering God's Word worldwide through Multimedia. Her bold and uncompromising delivery of the Gospel leaves her viewers with a greater passion and hunger to know God. "I created LRBN--Global Christian IPTV to break down the barriers of cost, access and technology for a single purposeā€”to bring the body of Christ together with unity and love," says Prophetess Michelle." Across the street, across the country, or across international barriers, churches and ministries will bring God's Word to the people of the world as they never could before." She says "It is not about me, it's all about Jesus Christ."