Joy Punnoose

London Ontario Canada

Joy Punnoose

Pastor Joy Punnoose is the founding senior pastor of Philadelphia Fellowship Church, a multi language church in London Ontario. In addition, he serve as the International President of Native Missionary Movement. He is a pastor, a teacher, and an author, having earned a Ph.D. in Missiology. Joy divides his time between travel in North America creating awareness of the Lord’s work in India and travel to India itself, strengthening pastors and missionaries in Jesus Christ and preaching the Gospel to hungry souls.

Pastor Joy has written several books. His latest effort, Live For a Cause, chronicles many of his own experiences and those of many of his comrades. Written as a missions challenge, the book’s subtitle, Radical Christianity That Reaches the World calls everyone to accept their Christ-mandated call to enter the global mission field in these last days.

After committing his life to Jesus as a young man in southern India, Joy answered the Lord’s call to the mission fields of the north. After marrying, he and his wife, Grace, entered the fertile fields of Gujarat state, resulting in thousands of mostly low-caste and Dalit (“untouchable”) people finding salvation in Christ.

Pastor Joy and his wife Grace have been married 30 years, have two boys and make their home in London, Ontario.