Fr. Maritn Augustin

London Ontario Canada

Fr. Maritn Augustin

The life and activities of a parish community is centered on God and motivated by the love of God. It is this faith in God and the expectation to reach back to God to enjoy eternal life that bonds together this community. St. Mary’s Syro-Malabar Catholic Church is indeed a living monument of the gratuitous love of God. The good Lord has blessed us with a beautiful church for us to gather together and do the worship regularly at our convenient time. Now it is left to us to make the best use of this opportunity to come together, to pray together, to offer sacrifices together and through all these build our community together. Coming together and praying together is the best form of witness and proclamation that we can give to our faith.

In Canada where lots of challenges are raised against faith from various circumstances, it becomes highly appreciable and praiseworthy that our community comes together regularly and frequently for celebrating our faith. Our parish church is dedicated to the maternal protection of Mother Mary. Through Mary to Jesus…we are fully confident that our Blessed Mother always accompanies us in our faith journey.

I would like to offer my prayerful wishes to the entire parish family. Let us together make this journey of faith as members of this parish, supporting and encouraging each other.