Pastor. Samuel Varghese

Edmonton Alberta Canada

Pastor. Samuel Varghese

Pastor. Samuel Varghese was born and raised in Kerala, India. After completing his high school, he went on to receive his Bachelor of Science degree. While pursuing his career in Qatar, Middle East he married Leena Mathew and as per the Lord’s direction, the couple moved to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2008.

With God’s calling for His ministry, Pastor. Sam Varghese, decided to start a Malayalam worship service in Edmonton, to worship the Lord in truth and Spirit. The Lord soon began to work in many ways and our church has grown exponentially, and is still growing, all by the grace and divine plan of God. Despite many challenges that we have faced, by God's grace we were able to stand firm in faith and He allowed us to grow in many ways.

Pastor. Samuel Varghese is an ordained center minister of God, India Pentecostal Church (IPC). Pastor Samuel Varghese enjoys preaching and teaching the Word of God. He conducts bible classes, seminars on various topics for local churches and other ministries. Pastor Samuel Varghese has a special vision for India and Canada.

The family is blessed with two daughters Sera Ruth & Ashley Elizabeth.