Rev.Dr.Kingsley Joseph

Bundoora Victoria Australia

God began to work in the life of Dr. Kingsley Joseph in 1985 when he was an undergraduate in the Faculty of Medicine at university of Jaffna, Sri Lanka, while the island was entering into one of the brutal civil wars the world history has ever witnessed. Dr. Kingsley enthusiastically engaged in his internship at the teaching hospital Jaffna, dedicating himself to assist and to provide medical attention to the war victims – where the Lord enabled him to have compassion and a gentle heart for such affected ones to convey the message of hope and love of Christ. Since the hand of Lord was upon His servant, Kingsley was compelled to pray and minister the Word of God to whoever came across in his way which resulted in experiencing miracles and seeing people receiving healing, deliverance and touch from the Lord. This inspired Kingsley to both know and acknowledge the Call of God in his life. But the Calling of God was a challenge to him as it was coming at a time of great uncertainty where the Nation was dragged into a full scale ethnic conflict. However, Kingsley never wanted to give up his passion to serve the Lord, share Christ with broken hearted and such persistence led him into a fellowship with Hospital Christian Fellowship and Assemblies of God churches in Sri Lanka and Australia. These connections boosted up his commitment to serve the Lord and effectively involve in Christian witness and encourage the fellow servants in the Lord