Rev. Dr. Sobitha Kumar Daniel

Sydney New South Wales Australia

Rev. Dr. Sobitha Kumar Daniel
61 414 316 564

Rev. Dr. Sobitha Kumar Daniel is one chosen of God, anointed, ordained and appointed to lead His people and to minister unto them. He has been granted with assurance and conviction that the Lord who has chosen him is with him in the Ministry. He performs this Ministry in accordance with his Lord’s call and for the well being of his people. The Good News that the Lord urges him to proclaim is the Full Redemption of man from every bondage that he is suffering from. Rev. Dr. S. Daniel has been chosen by God to proclaim the “good news to the poor, liberty to the captives, recovery of the sight to the blind, freedom to the oppressed and to announce that the time has come when the Lord will save his people and this he does all this in the footsteps of his Master.

He has been in the path of Ministry since 1987. He continues to carry on this Ministry, together with his wife Dr. Mrs. Ramani and children, through ministering and not being ministered unto, being loving and kind, understanding and sympathetic, accessible and available in a wonderful spirit of care and concern for those in need and in difficulty both in and out of his fold.

The Full Gospel is one that brings liberty and freedom in the physical, mental, moral, social and religious realms of human life. It is this ministry that Rev. Dr. S. Daniel is aware of and is called upon by the Lord to perform in His name. His powerful sermons, convincing preaching , supported by miraculous answers to his prayers along with his exemplary humbleness, simple life witnessing are the factors that draw people to his church. He lives by what he preaches.

People have found in their own experience that the time they spend with the Lord in this church is a time of blessing, of joy and rejuvenation in their body, mind and spirit.