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God gave me an opportunity to meet and fellowship with the leaders of Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS), Bihar .Bihar is in the North Central Part of the Indian subcontinent, which was called the ‘Graveyard of Missionaries’. It was indeed a life transforming experience, which changed my perspective about missions.

Now GEMS, is a household name in the Indian Mission scenario. GEMS is ministering in the most difficult states of India like Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. GEMS is also ministering in few strategic Asian countries like Nepal and Bhutan. Poverty, lawlessness, exploitation, stiff resistance to the Gospel, are the regular affairs in day today life in North India.

I met Bro. D Augustine Jebakumar who is the founder GEMS and giving leadership along with more than 200 dedicated missionary leaders. 2418 people are serving full time through GEMS ministries. GEMS is ministering to six major language groups like Hindi, Bhojpuri, Maghai, Mathili, Marati and Nepali.

Since 1972 the Lord used GEMS to establish more than 702 Churches which they call it as Worshipping Fellowships. On an average 16 Church Buildings are built every year. The Lord brought more than 60 thousand believers into His fold through GEMS ministries so far.

More than 100 thousand people are exposed to the gospel through hundreds of Major Gospel programs, Jesus film shows, Gospel Literature distributions and various other innovative evangelistic programs.