Knanaya Catholic Region

Illinois, USA

9405 Michael Ct.

Morton Grove, Illinois USA

Knanaya Catholic Region


We Knanaya Catholics, while keeping Knanaya traditions, move together towards God, through Jesus Christ and His Church by active pastoral ministries and establishment of Knanaya parishes.

Definition of Knanaya Catholics since AD 345: Knanaya Catholics are practicing Catholics born of both Knanaya parents, and if married, both spouses must also be born of both Knanaya parents. Adopted children are eligible for membership if their both biological parents are from the Knanaya Community.

All Knanaya Catholics who live in the boundary of the Knanaya Catholic Missions and Parishes established by the St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Diocese of Chicago and those Knanaya Catholics living in the United States outside the territorial boundary of the Knanaya Catholic Missions and parishes are members of this mission.

The Knanaya Catholics who live outside the boundary of Knanaya Catholic Missions and Parishes in the United States may please contact the Knanaya Region director for any pastoral needs and arrangements.