Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church - Diocese of UK Europe and Africa

South West England, United Kingdom

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Swindon, South West England United Kingdom

Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church - Diocese of UK Europe and Africa

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Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church, UK Europe and Africa is acting as the umbrella organisation for various Indian Orthodox parishes in the UK, Rest of Europe and African Continent.

Diocese of UK Europe and Africa To cater the spiritual needs of the community, the Holy Episcopal Synod and Managing Committee of the church had recommended forming a Diocese for the geographical region of UK, Rest of Europe and African Continent. In May 2009, Cathlolicos and Malankara Metropoltan- Supreme head of the Church declared the new diocese – Diocese of UK Europe and Africa and appointed Dr.Mathews Mar Thimothios as the Diocesan Metropolitan. Though vast majority of the members of the diocese is residing in the UK, by considering the geographical span of the diocese, for better functioning the Diocese has been divided into three regions, UK, Rest of Europe and Africa. The UK region of the diocese has got its Diocesan centre and office at St.Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Canfields Road , Brockley, London SE4 1UF. Now there are 957 families’ comprise of approximately 3775 individuals lives in the UK, registered as members of the Diocese. Now we have twenty one (21) registered parishes/ congregations in various places of the UK where regular worships are being taken place. Most of the parishes and congregations are registered with UK charity Commission. For details been shown Table 1 below Diocesan Metropolitan (Bishop) is the head of the organisation. A high level Diocesan Council elected by the Diocesan general body is the policy making body. Diocesan General Body members are representatives of each parish elected by the Parish General Body. There are number of social organisations working under the Diocese as shown on the organisation chart below.