St Dionysius Orthodox Church, Al Ain

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate

Post Box 20597

Al Ain, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirate

St Dionysius Orthodox Church, Al Ain

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Al-Ain, the eastern Province of Abu Dhabi Emirate is a geographically blessed land, having exceptional features, usually glorified as the garden city of odoriferous flowers and full greenery all the time. And it is one of the best Oases of the Arabian Gulf. The term ‘Al Ain’ literally means ‘of eyes’ (tears). The availability of the sweet water from the stream, which is as good as the tears, might have attributed the name to the land. As the origin of the stream is still a surprise, many attribute a link to the Old Testament experiences of the people who are believed to pass through these areas, on their way to the Promised Land and miracles of God Almighty sent to them then and there.

The history of St. Dionysius Orthodox Church, Al Ain is the part and parcel of the initial history of St. George Orthodox Cathedral, Abu Dhabi. When oil was excavated in sand and water of Abu Dhabi in 1960s many foreign

The parish has about 230 members and nearly 500 people come together on all Fridays and Saturday evening to celebrate the Holy Qurbana. The Sunday school, Youth Movement and Martha Mariam Samajam comprise of 120, 50, and 40 members respectively. MGOCSM has strength of 20 members. There are 3 active prayer groups with 120 members. The Ministry of Human Empowerment activities are organized under the leadership of OCYM and Martha Mariam Samajam. The Vicar and charity committee coordinate many charitable activities like sick-aid, education-aid, marriage-aid, house construction aid and many more.