Sangareddy Mission of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church

Telangana, India

H No 7-16/A, Shivampet P.O., Pulkal Mandal, Andhole Medak Dist.

Sangareddy, Telangana India

Sangareddy Mission of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church


The Sanga Reddy mission is a mission of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church. It was initiated in the year 2006 under the Chennai-Bangalore diocese during the tenure of Rt. Rev. Dr. Geeverghese Mar Theodosius Episcopa. Mission work is on at multiple locations including- Chakriyal, Gongloor, Ibrahimbad and Devanapalli.

People in the villages in Sanga Reddy belong to schedule caste, schedule tribe, OBC, Lambady, Reddy, Muslims and Christian communities. These villages are lag behind in the field of education and general development of the community. 95% of the people including children tend to get addicted to alcoholic beverages.

Child marriage is still prevalent in some regions in this district. Lack of safe drinking water and sanitation and sewage facilities cause widespread diseases and infections among the community. As a result people suffer from epidemics at regular intervals during the year.

For basic necessities and health care the village folk are forced to travel long distances. Proper public transportation is a big concern. Agriculture yield is below average due to the absence of the proper irrigation facilities. As agriculture is not so attractive, increasing number of people tend to join the industrial labor force, few are engaged in petty business and others are agricultural laborers.

Children of this region are not adequately equipped to compete with children from cities from finding admission in education institutions to securing jobs because of the low standard of the education in the villages.