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India as a country with a Hindu majority was already very early in the focus of World Vision which was founded in 1950 in the United States as a service organisation to support missionaries[6]:27 and is described by the anthropologist David Stoll as a child of the cold war.[7]:282–289 For example, incorporated the founder of World Vision Bob Pierce, a fierce anticommunist, scenes from India into the anticommunist movie 'The Red Plague', produced by World Vision in 1957 for founding and propaganda purposes.[6]:92–103 The scenes depicts allegedly "false" religions showing e.g. self-mutilating Hindu priests and makes the claim that Hindus, Buddhists and adherents of other religions could easily be converted into communists whereas only true Christianity is strong enough to resist communism.[6]:98/99 Thus, so the message of this movie and other similar movies produced by World Vision at that time, evangelism is necessary among Hindus and other non-Christian people to counter communism.[6]:96 Evangelism is according to an article published 2004 by the political weekly Tehelka still one of the main focus of World Vision India[8]

As an organization World Vision started an office in Calcutta in 1962 which was one of the first offices outside the United States. In 1975 World Vision India was registered as a society in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.