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Jesus Redeems

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Though Christianity triumphantly landed in India via one of the South Indian Ports on 69 AD, the advent of salvational joy practically ventured into the hearts of the Tamil speaking South Indians only when the selfless missionaries maneuvered in this southern tip from the middle of the 18th Century AD.

In this situation, our LORD had a very specific purpose to have the genesis of our Jesus Redeems Ministry as a small Prayer Group in a very interior small hamlet - Nalumavadi on 2nd October 1978 while our Nation celebrated the 109th Birth Anniversary of the Father of our Nation - Mahatma Gandhi, who, as was percept widely, redeemed our Nation from the wretched bondage of the alien rule. Now our Jesus Redeems Ministry guides the people those who are under the miserable servitude of sin, in the path where their glorious redemption by the precious blood of Calvary awaits.

As the Scripture says in Job 8:7 - "Though thy beginning was small, yet thy latter end should greatly increase.", the ministry which was thus started in such a miniscule fashion, by His grace, has now been blossomed as a multifaceted one.