Jeevan Ministries

Tamil Nadu, India

Pastor S.Maraimani

Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

Jeevan Ministries

91 92821 03320

Jeevan Ministries is started by Pastor S.Maraimani for the name Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ in association with Broadway Church,Chennai.

Praise the Lord, I am PS S. Maraimani from Jeevan Ministries, Chennai, India.

I am in this ministry since 1999, This ministry was started by me and my elder brother S. Tamilmani, this ministry was started as musical ministry in which me and my brother composed and sang more than 70 songs and released song albums in the name JEEVAN. Now our ministry is changed into Gospel ministry where we sing our songs and as a pastor I used to share the word of God where ever we go. I am also doing Television ministry in NAMBIKKAI TV every Sunday morning 6am and every Friday 5:30pm. I am also pasturing a church in Chennai Broadway.

My calling is to reach multitudes through our singing ministry and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ for His name Glory.

I have finished my Master degree in Theology and I have three secular Master degree by the grace of our God.

I am a lawyer in profession but now I have come into full time ministry.

Our God as lifted me as worship leader, bible preacher and Gospel singer .