CSI Diocese Vellore

Tamil Nadu, India

C S I Diocesan Office (Churches) 1-A Officers Line

Vellore, Tamil Nadu India

CSI Diocese Vellore

0416 - 2220212


CSI Vellore Diocese is an amazing spiritual institution with an impressive history and a glorious future. It has glorious tradition to recall loo.

CSI Vellore Diocese, has grown into a major spiritual domain with 100 pastorates and 100 pastors, one "A" Grade college, 6 Higher Secondary Schools, 5 High Schools, 5 Middle Schools and Elementary Schools along with 2 Hospitals, 3 Institutes, and 2 Training Institutes spread on to adjoining states in South India.

Today, CSI Vellore Diocese stands as a prominent evangelical headquarters in South India and is reputed for its uncompromising stand on human rights, social equality and social action. Vellore Diocese is becoming more and more a community that expresses gratitude and generosity, that practices and shares a progressive, positive, and practical spirituality, that promotes Inclusive growth for every kind of people, that is reaching out Io share its healing, hope filled message with local community and the world beyond it, and that is improving and growing in the areas of stewardship, discipleship, and spiritual fulfilment. Our Diocese is an increasingly engaged, committed entity, dedicated to making a difference in the world, for which we register our humblest gratitude to Lord Almighty and remain beholden to every leader of the Diocese, past and present who contributed Io this growth.

Throughout the Bible, the Lord reminds people to tell all generations o their Lord’s wonderful works. Primarily what that means for us as the Diocese is that we must preserve the memory of how God has worked in the last four decades for our Diocese. A diocese like ours which has a strong sense of its own history will have a better sense of identity on which we will continue to build the future.