Benny Joshua Ministries

Tamil Nadu, India

Chennai, Tamil Nadu India

Benny Joshua Ministries

Benny Joshua is an Evangelist and contemporary Gospel Music Artist who is so passionate to convey the good news of Christ through Praise and Worship, Preaching the word in a prophetical way and through his God-given musical talent

In the year 2006, Benny’s life completely changed by the divine encounter of God, while he was riding his bike he suddenly heard the voice of the Lord. The moment he heard the voice of the Lord just like how Apostle Paul heard, he parked his bike and fell to his knees by the road side, with his heart swelling up and tears rolling down his face. Benny Joshua gave his life to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. In that very moment he confirmed the call of Christ and committed his life to do the mighty work of God at the very young age of 19.

During his early days of ministry, he learnt to pray more passionately and began worshiping God with songs of praises and worship. His passion and love for Christ gave birth to beautiful heart touching songs for all ages. Though he is not from a pastoral family nor a musical family, God has blessed him with great talents, through which he has released his first Gospel Music Album “Parisutharae” in the year 2014.

Benny’s vision is to prophetically convey the word of God, with power and authority for the church of today. And also inspire and challenge the young generation to rise above their limits and live their life to the fullest for Christ Jesus. To reach the young generation, he uses God-given talent of musical skills as a support and minister in numerous places such as youth camps, schools, colleges, orphanages, church and retreats in and around India.

God has blessed and taken Benny to share his testimony and love of Christ to many countries. He has travelled to New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand, Philippines, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Sri Lanka carrying the burden of Christ. By the Grace of God, Benny has entered his 14th year of ministering and thus far God has been more than faithful in every step of his life. To God be the Glory!