Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church - Diocese of Mavelikara

Kerala, India

TheobhavanAramana Thazhakkara PO

Mavelikkara, Kerala India

Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church - Diocese of Mavelikara


Mavelikara has an esteemed place in the history of Syrian Christians in Kerala. It is one of the ancient Syrian Christian settlements in Kerala. Its traditional relation with the Christian communities of Kollam and Niranam nurtured its Christian legacy. Mavelikara is distinct in the modern Christian history because of the historic Mavelikara Padiyola, a brave attempt of the Syrian Christians to protect their orthodox Christian faith and to resist the colonial attempts to anglicize the church. Mavelikara diocese is proud of its spiritual children who have asserted their uniqueness in various walks of life. Among the line of great Fathers of the Malankara Orthodox church H.H. Baselios Marthoma Didymus I, H.G. Philippose Mar Dionysius IV, H.G. Thoma Mar Dionysius, Sabharatnam H.G. Dr. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios hailed from the Parishes of Mavelikara diocese. Their intercession is our strength and their model of life our inspiration. That legacy continues to the present day through Metropolitans H.G.Dr. Mathews Mar Thimotheos and H.G. Dr. Yuhanon Mar Thevodoros. The Mavelikara diocese is always proudof her children who are revered by the country and were stalwarts in nation building, in its political and administrative leadership. From time to time men and women with zeal and vigour for the beliefs and independent existence of the church have risen to lead the church. As Sir Issac Newton said, “I have seen this far only by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” Let us continue to stand upon the shoulders of these giants looking forward to the Kingdom of God and working for the glory of God’s name.

The Diocese of Mavelikara came in to existence on 10th August, 2002 with the decision of the holy Episcopal Synod of Malankara Orthodox Church. Late Lamented H.H.BaseliosMarthoma Mathews II Catholicos formally announced the formation of the Mavelikara diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Churchthrough Kalpana no. 134/2002. His Holiness appointed H.G.Paulose Mar Pachomiosmetropolitan as the first diocesean Metropolitan. The craftsmanship and administrative skills of Mar Pachomios Metropolitan helped the diocese to keep its root fixed for its future growth and development. The priest’s and laymen’s personal attachment to Pachomios Metropolitan was one of the primary reasons that kept the diocese united in its initial days. Forty-oneparishes and twelve chapels of the dioceses of Kollam, Niranam and Chengannoor, were annexed to the newly formed Mavelikara Diocese. Though the diocese is a newly formed one, it has the rich heritage kept by its ancient churches and communities. The spiritual guidance of H.G. Dr.Geevarghese Mar Osthathios, H.G.Mathews Mar Epiphanios and H.G. Thomas Mar Athanasius to the parishes from their respective dioceses was priceless in formulating the spiritual foundation of the diocese.