Heavenly Feast

Kerala, India

Opposite to Nehru Stadium Behind LIC Building

Kottayam, Kerala India

Heavenly Feast

0481 3055 555 / 2305 555

Heavenly Feast is a Holy Spirit inspired mass revival movement for the common man without any barriers of caste, beliefs and religion. This movement is a divinely chosen platform where people gather for the sole intention of worshipping and glorifying the name of Jesus Christ.

This Apostolic revival started in the central Travancore district of Kottayam in 1998 when Holy Spirit inspired senior Pastor Dr. Mathew Kuruvilla after miraculously liberating him from a crippling paralytic state due to a car accident.

The mighty presence of Holy Spirit in Heavenly Feast is so evident by the attestation of signs, wonders, miracles, healing and live testimonies. {Mark16:20. They went out and proclaimed everywhere, while the Lord worked with them and confirmed the word through the accompanying signs.} Once people experience Jesus Christ in real and taste His love they are set free from the bondages of religious rites and rituals which the common man has grossly mistaken as worship.{John 8:32 / 36}

Heavenly Feast is influencing the lives of millions with the Divine revelations received from Holy Spirit through messages of wisdom and knowledge. Our teachings are not based on any human intellect or rhetorical skills, but the sheer demonstration of Holy Spirit and of Power.

We are currently the members exceeded 1,00,000 in the state of Kerala alone and several tens of thousands in cities in India ,Middle East United Kingdom and across the globe. Nearly 20,000 people gather on Sunday service alone in Kottayam, a district in the Indian state of Kerala. On any given day of any Crusade or annual gathering in Nehru Stadium in Kottayam, 70,000 people gather. What more signs of Holy Spirits mighty anointing is needed as no human talent or effort cannot gather these numbers?

The Apostles of Heavenly Feast has sown the seeds of Good News in almost all continents of the world. We are inviting you to join this divine global End of Days revival ministry. Jesus loves you. Jesus needs you. Let us join hands and win souls for the Saviour. We are running in short of time. We does not believe in numbers and denominations, as we are very well aware that we have nothing to boast in flesh, as all this is our Lord’s handiwork.