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Diocese of Delhi CNI

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On 29th November, 2015, the Diocese of Delhi completed 45 years of its life as Diocese of the Church of North India (CNI) within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Although the title “Diocese of Delhi” has been adopted from Anglican polity of the erstwhile Province of the Anglican Communion, the present Diocese of Delhi is not an Anglican Diocese. It is one of the 26 Dioceses of The Church of Noth India which evolved from the historic Union of the followingsjx Churches which took place on 29th November, 1970, at Nagpur :

Several Congregations of the Council of the Baptist Churches in Northern India (CBCNI).
The Church of the Brethren in India (CBI).
The Disciples of Christ (DC).
The Church of India (Also known as the Church of India, Pakistan, Burma & Ceylon CIPBC).
The Methodist church: British and Australasian Conferences (MC_D & AC).
The United Church of Nothern India (UNCI).

The present Diocese of Delhi is composed of the Methodist Church (British and Australasian Conferences), the Baptist Congregations of Baraut and Khekra and those who were member of Green Park Free Church and Free Church, Sansad Marg, New Delhi, the United Church of Northern India in Haryana, and the Church of India (or CIPEC) in Delhi and Haryana areas.

It is from this stream of the Baptists that the CNI Diocese of Delhi has inherited the Delhi United Christian School (which also includes a substantial contribution of the Anglicans) the congregations of Free Church, Sansad Marg, (New Delhi), Green park Free Church (new Delhi), and the congregations of Baraut and Khekra in UP., as well as the Church-buildings, Parsonages and land related to these. In the Free Churches that joined the CNI in the Diocese of Delhi there has also been a very rich contribution of the Methodist Church (British & Australasian Conferences including the most valuable plot of land at No. 16 Pandit Pant Marg, (New Delhi) upon which the present CNI Bhavan (the Headquarters Building of the CNI) was constructed during 1980-1982.