Solid Rock Revival Church, Pittsburgh

Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, USA


610 Dewey Ave
Bridgeville Pennsylvania, USA


Sundays 10:00AM
Sunday school 10:30AM
Friday Fellowship 7:30PM
All night Prayer

Solid Rock Revival Church is an offshoot of Voice of the Solid Rock Ministries founded in 1996 by Pastor Prabhu Isaac in Saudi Arabia with a small group of members. Now, the ministry has expanded with six churches in India, and one in the United States.

Through the ministry, Pastor Isaac has traveled to several countries sharing his testimony and the word of God, and has helped establish village outreach ministries, children ministries, prison ministries, literature ministries, crusades and church planting missions.

Solid Rock Revival Church is a non-denominational church serving families in the city of Pittsburgh, PA since 2006. Over the years, the church has birthed many ministries such as daily intercessory teleconference, cottage services, fasting prayers, bible studies and all-night prayer services.