Ebenezer Full Gospel Assembly

Blauvelt, New York, USA


136 Sunset Road
Blauvelt New York, USA


Sunday Service - 10:30AM to 12:30AM

Back in 1973, Pastor K V Johnson decided to start a home bible study for four young people in Yonkers in New York. By 1977, this bible study had grown into an incorporated church in Westchester county, NY.The church moved to its current facility in 2003. The way God moved wonderfully and miraculously to help the church to buy the property and build the current beautiful facility is a testimony to His faithfulness.Pastor K V Johnson went to be with the Lord in 2002. Rev. K.V. Johnson pioneered the Ebenezer Full Gospel Assembly in the year 1973. A man of great vision, Rev. K.V. Johnson led the Church for over three decades. His guidance helped build the Ebenezer Full Gospel Assembly from a small gathering. He was passionate in his commitment to lead people in knowing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. He went away from all of us to join his Saviour and our God, the Lord Jesus Christ and with all of the saints through the ages.

The purposes of the Church shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

To worship and to conduct religious services in keeping with Evangelical and Pentecostal practices and tradition of Protestant Christianity.

To foster, promote and spread the teachings and preaching of the gospels and of the Holy Scriptures and the belief in and of the Lord, Jesus Christ, as man’s only savior.

To advance, promote, publish, spread and propagate the principles and tenets of the Christian faith, to establish, maintain and advance its doctrines and disciplines: to determine and establish rules and regulations in this Church.

To establish missions, both local and foreign, for the religious and social uplift of the destitute, regardless of their faith, color and/or creed; to promote the reading and study of the Holy Bible as the revealed word of God; to establish and maintain centers for religious, charitable, benevolent, educational, and social services to be of service in all ways to our fellow man, regardless of his faith, color and/or creed.

To erect, maintain, secure, hold and possess lands, buildings for religious services, education and instruction such as a Bible School and for the purposes of carrying out the provisions hereto; and to establish, manage and maintain a place for worship.

To secure, acquire, appeal for and solicit funds publicly and privately for the purposes of the Church.

To acquire, maintain, take and hold by conveyance, bequest, gift or devise, real and personal property for the purposes of the Church and to purchase, lease and erect buildings; to take and hold grants, donations, bequests and devices of real and personal property, jointly and in trust, and apply the same or in the income thereof under the duration of the Officers of the Church for the purposes thereof.

To take, and hold, by purchase, grant gift or devise real property for the purposes of cemetery; or such lot or lots in any cemetery as may be conveyed or devised to the corporation, interments therein; to erect upon said cemetery property, buildings for religious services for the dead; and to erect buildings for the use of keepers or any other persons employed in connection therewith; to care for, improve and embellish such cemetery property.

To exercise, retain and possess all general and special powers given presently or in the future by law to religious corporations.

To do and perform all acts and deeds, which religious corporations presently do or may do, and arrange and carry out religious programs according to the teachings, rulings, and tenets as sanctioned in the Holy Bible.