Agape India International Ministries

Chicago, Illinois, USA


4541 W. Peterson Ave
Chicago Illinois, USA


Sunday and Wednesday

Agape means “God’s Love” in Greek, and God’s love is the foundation of our ministry to reach men and women through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is based on our perpendicular relationship with God and our horizontal relationship with HIS creation, the people. Agape International Church was founded in Chicago in 1997, to cater to the spiritual. social and educational needs from cradle to grave, and to extend the care to orphans, homeless and widows with the Love of Christ. God began to work signs and wonders, through our ministry by healing many, answering prayers, deliverance, and breaking people free of addictions and oppressions. By God’s grace Archbishop has been doing ministry for the past 62 years. Through this journey of our ministry many people from different walks of faith came to know the Love of Christ. We do hold and will continue to hold, throughout our existence, and unto the Lord: Worship services, Bible studies, specialized classes, and gatherings; as well as community outreach, both evangelical and humanitarian nature. We welcome you into God’s family.