Jacksonville Mar Thoma Church

Mar Thoma Syrian Church

Jacksonville, Florida, USA


8654 Griffis Rd
Jacksonville Florida, USA


Holy Communion Service - Malayalam
Every Second Sunday - 10:00 am

Worship- English/Malayalam
Every Sunday - 10:00 am except second Sunday

Due to the economical development of Jacksonville, Florida, many companies have migrated to here from other parts of the United States. Along with those companies, many Malabar Christian families of various denominations also migrated to Jacksonville. In the beginning, these families often got together for prayer meetings in the residences of these families. Members of this community often had to travel to either Atlanta or South Florida to attend Worship Services.

In February 1997, members of the Marthoma denomination contacted Rev. P. G Mathew of South Florida Marthoma Church to explore the possibility of conducting a Malayalam Holy Communion Service in Jacksonville. Reverent Achen accepted the invitation and came to Jacksonville on March 1, 1997 and conducted the first Holy Communion Service in the Residence of Alex Varghese. Families of Various denominations with 33 members including children attended the service. During the first service Achen urged us to meet continuously and offered his service in the future. It was decided to submit a request to the Diocesan Bishop to obtain approval for our fellowship as a Congregation and get the service of one of our Achens on a monthly basis.