San Diego Telugu Christian

San Diego, California, USA


10770 Rickert Road
San Diego California, USA


We meet every 1st, 3rd Fridays for biblestudy and 5th Friday for fasting prayer from 7:30-10pm.

San Diego Telugu Christian Friends Who we are: We are group of Telugu speaking Christian Friends who gather to worship and encourage each other to grow strongly in God. We are interdenominational, not belong to any church. Our group comprised of new and matured believers. We encourage anyone to join us, if they are willing to listen to good teachings of Jesus Christ from the bible. (verses).We want to grow as good believers during course of our study listening to greatly treasured scripture verses from bible and being practical believers by showing our faith in deeds and be model to the group and making eligible to represent the body of Christ. James 2:23-26…We believe becoming perfect believer can be achieved through incremental steps by improving daily and reach to become good believers. Our beliefs and basis: Bible is basis for our belief. We believe Bible is God inspired and our final authority on all matters of day today conduct.(verses) It is our basis of our belief. It is uniqu