Rock of Salvation Church

Milpitas, California, USA


159 Dixon Rd
Milpitas California, USA


Sunday Worship Celebration: 9.45am-11.45 am
Children's Sunday School: Sunday 8.40 am -9.30 am

ROCK of Salvation Church, is an Non-denominational Multicultural full gospel International Christian Church, founded on apostolic doctrine and the fundamental principles of the Word of God. We are church for the community, originated to do the will of Sovereign God of the Bible in San Francisco, Silicon Valley bay area and throughout the world. The driving force behind this church is the fact that, in the Kingdom of the God, people from every nation, language, culture, and tribe will worship the God in Spirit and in truth. This ministry strives to bridge the gap between generations, cultures, denominations so that the name of the God can be glorified in unity and Jesus the Rock of Salvation can be exalted in all nations. Silicon Valley bay area being a great melting pot, where people from several nations are gathering, the founders of the church recognize the need for a church which is thoroughly biblical, relevant to the times, true to the fundamental doctrines & the apostolic teachings. It is our desire to serve as the beacon of hope in the darkness by reaching out to masses and ushering them into the kingdom of God.

At Rock of Salvation people will witness the Spirit of God in operation and transformation of lives by His grace. It is the place where everyone will be accepted & challenged to grow to the fullness of Christ. We strongly believe in the balance of growth in every believer, comprising of the word, fruits of Spirit, spiritual gifts, as the vital factor in equipping of saints for the work of the ministry and for the edification of the body of Christ.