Marthoma Church of Silicon Valley

San Jose, California, USA


474 Piercy Rd
San Jose California, USA


Sunday Service :
10.00 AM – 12.00 Noon (online)
Marthoma Church of Silicon Valley

408-648-2360 / (408) 648-2350

We are very proud to be a part of the Mar Thoma Church, founded by Saint.Thomas (Mar Thoma), one of the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ, and known by the name of the Apostle, in the year AD 52. We are part of the Diocese of North America and Europe and very grateful to all the early immigrants who in spite of their pain and struggle found time, money and convenience to group together, first as prayer fellowships and eventually as congregations and parishes. We continue the mission revealed to us by the members of the church in reaching out to the people and communities. In 2015, Mar Thoma Church of Silicon Valley became the seventy-second Parish in the Diocese. We are grateful to our Almighty God who has sustained and nurtured us in the first year. This would not have been possible without the guidance of our Bishop, the leadership of our Vicar, hard work of our parish members and above all the blessing of our Lord.