Bethel India Pentecostal Church of Arizona

Malayalam Pentecostal Church

Phoenix, Arizona, USA


2733, E Broadway Rd
Phoenix Arizona, USA


Sun 11:00 AM Sunday School
Sun 11:00 AM Adults Bible Study
Sun 11:30 AM Worship

Bethel Christian Assembly (Registered as Bethel India Pentecostal Church of Arizona), Phoenix, Arizona, USA is a Bible believing Evangelical Charismatic Church with roots in the historic church started on the day of Pentecost. The founding members of the Assembly were the expatriate Christians from various parts of India who longed to worship God in the authentic Biblical tradition and in an Indian atmosphere. This India Christian Church in Arizona stands for Service to God and humanity which is exemplified in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

Location: The worship location of Bethel Christian Assembly is in Phoenix (2733, E Broadway Rd., Phoenix, AZ-85040) , near the Arizona State University main campus and is a couple of miles away from the Sky Harbor International Airport which connects Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona with the world.