St Thomas Mar Thoma Church Bristol

Mar Thoma Syrian Church

Southville, Bristol, United Kingdom


Stackpool Road, Southville
Southville Bristol, United Kingdom

In the history of our parish it has been added another year of GOD’s providence with golden print. When we look back we have a remarkable achievement by attaining our own worship place. It has been proved that our GOD still does miracles for HIS people by hearing their earnest prayers and humble requests. Many times we forget HIS provision and indulge in personal glorifications. As we know, when almighty fulfill our ambitions HE expects us to act as true stewards of the blessings received. As individual families we received many blessings during this reporting year as well unlike many of our fellow beings. Almighty placed us in a place where our spiritual lives never challenged nor limited. We rarely think about our fellow believers who sacrifice everything and often their lives as well for the sake of their belief. When we perform our spiritual acts in a relaxed atmosphere, we never can imagine the pain and the suffering of others who thirst and hunger for the word of GOD around the world. Many times we try to minimize the presence of the omniscient GOD in our small place of worship and no influence in our other areas of life. But HE wishes to influence our whole life and make us to lead a meaningful and successful Christian life. Let us submit ourselves to obey HIS will and be blessed, with this hope and prayer.

Our Church
The Mar Thoma Church bears the name of St. Thomas the apostle, who came to India in AD 52 to spread the gospel in the southern region of India. The Church has got its own tradition and spiritual values as per the vision of its forefathers. Our church is in full communion with the world wide Anglican Community. Since 1957 the Marthomite’s have been worshiping in UK. The Mar Thoma Church in the UK is a member of the Churches together in Britain and Ireland (C.T.B.I) and the Churches together in England (C.T.E). The Bristol parish began as a Prayer Group in Aug 2002, moving on to become an Independent Congregation in April 2006, and then a full-fledged parish, St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, formed in October 2007. Since August 2002, we have been worshipping at St Anne’s Church, Eastville, Bristol. We extend our sincere gratitude and acknowledge the former Vicar Revd. Jane Hayward and also Revd. Tina Geode, Vicar and to the PCC of St Anne’s church, Bristol.

St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Bristol, UK is a registered charity (Reg. No. 1122211). The aim of the parish is to enrich its members in Christian faith and promote the Christian message and values by worship, social and charitable work.