Sembawang Tamil Methodist Church


Singapore, Singapore, Singapore


3 Yishun St 11
3rd Storey
Singapore Singapore, Singapore


Sunday Service @ 8.30 am

Our Church was established 81 years ago in the ministry of the Lord. Our church has a memorable history which has seen four generations of members and a number of pastors.

The pioneering work of the church commenced as early as 1928 in the Seletar Naval base. Pioneered as a house church it came under the supervision of the Rev.J.A.Supramaniam and his co-workers Mr.V.Devasagayam, Mr.A.Athisayam and Mr.V.Chelliah. The church started to grow as many Indians came from India employed by the Naval Base were added.

By the grace of the Lord the church was insitituited in 1934 with Rev.V.A.Chelliah giving supervision to the church. The lay Preacher Mr.V.Devasagayam was appointed as the supply pastor. Finally in 1940 through the efforts of Rev.J.V.Ayadurai and Rev.S.M.Thevathasen, a school building was erected at 150, Jalan Sembawang Kechil and worshipped there form 1948- 1970. The Rev.V.Chellam was appointed as the principal of the Tamil School and the supply Pastor to the congregation. Students from the TTC such as Ms Jannet Chinniah, Mr. Joseph Devasagayam and Mr.E.J.Thoraisingam also served the the church for some time

At this time a significant change of name from ‘Selatar Naval Base’ to ‘Sembawang Naval Base’ took place.moreover due to poor enrolment, the school had to close its doors.
In 1970, Rev.R.Prabu Das Roberts became the pastor of the church. In 1972, the church lay leader,Mr. T Mariadass, Mr. Bob Sanddon of the ministry of defenceof the Chaplain, Rev.Mackenzie worked out a schedule for the congregation to worship at St.Andrew’s Church at the Admiralty Road East.
In 1974, Rev.J. Daniel took on the pastoral charge of the church while Mr.Philip jesudass served the church as the supply pastor for some time. Rev.William F.Harris succeeded as the pastor in charge in the circuit including marsiling works . In 1980 Rev. Martin Alphonse took charge. The old school building was renovated and the congregation moved back once again to 150, Jalan Sembawang Kechil.

In July 1983, rev Dr. E.J.Thoraisingam took on the pastoral charge. After which the following pastor let the church Rev. Premkumar (1985-1986), Rev.Vinson Samuel (1987-1989) Rev. Milton Lazarus (1990-1993), Rev.Philip S.Abraham (Sep 1993-1999), Rev.Ebinesar Mahan (2000-2003).Rev. Philip Abraham was re-appointed back to the church in 2004.

In Feb 1992, the HDB offered Sembawang Tamil Methodist Church and Smyrna Assembly a church site at Yishun St 11 in a joint allocation basis. The land was purchased and the new church began to take shape. The ground breaking ceremony took place on 17 May 1997 at 5.30pm. The congregation moved out from 150, Jlan Sembawang Kechil on 31st December1995 to Yishun St 11 and worshipped in a 30ft container for worship from 1st January 1996. Later as it could not hold the congregation, a structure was erected on the same place to worship. Later due to the progress of the church building, it moved to Boys’ Brigade Camp site at Sembawang Road from 1st Feb 1998 to 25th July 1999 for worship services. Later the church moved to the new church premises at Yishun St 11 on 1st Aug 1999. Praise be to God!

The New Church Building was officially dedicated to the glory of God by the Bishop Dr. Robert Solomon of The Methodist in Singapore on the 29th August 2004.