El-shaddai Revival Centre

Singapore , Singapore, Singapore


#181 Kitchner Road
Singapore Singapore, Singapore

We believe that the church is the congregation of those redeemed from sin and called out by GOD. Through the church his salvation is proclaimed to the world.

A vision statement tells those inside and outside your organization the end goal for its existence. In no more than two sentences, a vision statement delineates the specific long-term goal of your ministry or church by explaining where you are going or what you wish to accomplish.

Your mission statement builds on your vision statement. We already noted that a vision statement is the leadership envisioning an ideal future. Alternately, a mission statement is management-oriented. Here you focus on the present and your strategies to reach your vision.

That there is one God, internally existent in three persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We Believe in Tongues. We Believe in Holy Spirit & Water Baptism. We Believe in Second coming of Lord Jesus Christ