Holy Trinity Indian Orthodox Church Cork, Republic of Ireland

Malankara Orthodox Syrian

Cork, Munster, Republic of Ireland


Church Road, Blackrock
St. Michael’s Church Of Ireland
Cork Munster, Republic of Ireland


Holy Qurbana on Second and Fourth Saturday of every month at 11 AM

Cork is the second largest city of the Republic of Ireland and comes under the province of Munster. The inflow of the Indian Orthodox Christians into the region marked the beginning of the need for prayer and fellowship in the traditional customs for the spiritual growth of the people and future generations.

On August 7, 2007, under the spiritual leadership of Rev. Fr. Koshy Vaidyan, a prayer meeting was conducted along with few members in Cork & Dublin. In 2008, a group of volunteers in Cork along with Rev. Fr. Koshy Vaidyan visited the members belonging to the Indian Orthodox community staying in Cork region to gain support in establishing a congregation. Following this, in August 2008, a prayer meeting was held in the presence of around 10 families and a consensus was obtained to establish a congregation in Cork to conduct Holy Qurbana. However, it was decided to conduct prayer meetings once every month until a place was found.

Simultaneously, talks were conducted with Bishop Paul Cotton of the Church of Ireland, who kindly granted us permission to conduct the Holy Eucharist at St Michaels Church Blackrock, where Rector Adrian Wilkinson was the priest.

On December 17, 2008, we witnessed the first Holy Eucharist celebrated by Rev. Fr. Koshy Vaidyan and Congregation was named “Holy Trinity Indian Orthodox Church”.

In April 2009 during the official visit of our Metropolitan H.G. Dr Mathews Mar Thimothious in Ireland, Rev. Fr. Ninan Kuriakose was appointed as vicar and took office in July 2009. At this time there were 14 active member families in the church with Holy Qurbana being conducted every first Saturday of the month.

Rev. Fr. Eldho Varghese took charge as the Vicar on December 15, 2009. Under his spiritual leadership the Congregation gathering was extended to twice a month – once for Holy Qurbana and another for prayer meeting. During this time the foundations for various spiritual organisations like the Sunday School, Martha Mariyam Samjam and Prayer groups were established. The church grew spiritually and in number under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Eldho Varghese for 8 years.

With steady growth in the Indian Orthodox Community and an increase of memberships to 26 families, a request for a full-time priest was voiced in collaboration with the Parish of Waterford.

Rev. Fr Zachariah George [Jesson] was appointed as vicar in August 2017 for both Cork and Waterford congregations. The presence of full-time vicar established a fortnightly Holy Qurbana and one prayer meeting every month.

In May 2019, 10th year anniversary of Holy Trinity Indian Orthodox Church was celebrated on the occasion of St. George feast (Our Patron Saint), which was graced by Metropolitan H.G Dr. Yuhanon Mar Meletius.
Holy Trinity Indian orthodox church has made its presence known since its inception through various activities of the church in and around Ireland and the UK. The church is an officially registered charitable organisation since 2017.