St. Mary's Malankara Church Doha

Syro-Malankara Catholic

Doha, Ad Dawhah, Qatar


7, IDCC Complex
Mesaimeer, Abu Hamour
Doha Ad Dawhah, Qatar


Holy Mass Sunday 7:15pm

The Syro Malankara Catholic Church has today its representation in all parts of the Middle East where its laity live and work. Although there has been a considerable number of Malankarites in Doha ever since the resurgence of Gulf after the oil boom of the seventies, we didn’t get an opportunity to have our Holy Mass served in our own Malankara Rite until Rev Fr. Thomas Kottarathil (Late) had arrived here and celebrated the Holy Mass in the Jacobite Syrian Church Hall in 1984. Rev. Dr. Abraham Kakkanat (now Bishop Abraham Mar Julios) visited Doha and celebrated Holy Mass in 1988. Rev Fr. William Nedumpurathu OIC visited Doha in 1998 and organized the first Malankara prayer meeting here. It was his good thought and great counsel that initiated the formation of a Malankara Catholic Association (Community) in Doha for the first time. The seed that he had sown in this soil has grown into a tree with abundant foliage and fruit. Our community that took its root in prayer has grown very well under the protection of the Heavenly Father. It was our longing to inculcate our Malankara tradition and culture in the upcoming generation that has motivated a dedicated group of pioneer laymen in all their efforts to build up a strong church in Doha.

In 1999, we made a prayer hall in Munthaza area and Fr. Mathew Kalayil (late) celebrated the first Holy Mass there in December 1999 and there started our dream and initiative to have a church building of our own in this land. There we started our prayer meetings, Catechism classes and Eucharist celebrations and by the grace of God, till now without any interruptions we are continuing it. At the same time, as special envoys of Late Moran Mar Baselios Catholicos, Fr. Abraham Mulamoottil and Rt. Rev. Geevarghese Mannikarottu visited Doha for negotiating with the Latin Church Authorities about the possibilities of celebrating regular Malankara Mass in our prayer hall but nothing materialized. By this time we got the MCA registered with the ICC under the aegis of the Indian Embassy. By the end of 2000 the Malankara Community with the approval of the Government of Qatar built up a small church in Farij Bin Omran and our first Holy Mass was celebrated on 12 June 2000 by Fr. Mathew Manakarakavil and he stayed here and served the community for two months.