His Vineyard AG church

Assembly of God

Wadi Kabir, Muscat, Oman


P.O Box -613,
Good Shepherd Hall, Ghala
Wadi Kabir Muscat, Oman


Friday : 4.00 pm – 6.00 pm at Old Main
His Vineyard AG church

968 95969596 | +968 96131658

We HIS Vineyard AG Church in Oman are called to serve amongst the Poor. Sharing the Gospel and Helping them to see Christ amongst the disappointments and the Hopeless situation that they are in.

We Pray, Visit, Counsel, Encourage having faith, and hope to persevere to believe in miracles in Hospital Ministry.

We had called all the Tamil Pastors in Oman to join us in fellowship of Unity, in Prayer as Per the Initiative given to us by Rev. Dr. D. Mohan NLAG Church Chennai to Unite all the Tamil Pastors in Unity and Pray for the Deliverance in the Land God has given us.

We have a started a small prayer tower in Kollam, Kerala along with Pastor Biji Thomas. At Present we are supporting four Pastors who are Prayer for revival in Oman and all surrounding areas.