St Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Maha Edaveka

Malankara Orthodox Syrian

Maha Edaveka, Kuwait, Kuwait


PO Box 80
Safat 13001
Maha Edaveka Kuwait, Kuwait


6:00 AM : Baselios Memorial Hall, Abbassiya
6:00 AM : St. George Chapel, Abbassiya
8:15 AM : NECK (Except 4th Friday)

The history of our parish moves along with the uneven development of Kuwait as a whole during the past five decades. People started coming to Kuwait in search of jobs on the exploration of petroleum products in Kuwait by the forties of this century. It is learnt that people from all around the world came to Kuwait in steamers and local boats, as there was no other transportation facility to Kuwait at that time. During a time when life itself was going through very difficult and strange situations, without proper facilities to live in and take rest, those people who migrated from religiously oriented places looked for a common roof for their daily prayers and worship. They felt it necessary to come together, irrespective of factions and denominations. It resulted in the formation of a congregational setup with all the Christian factions. They jointly gathered in the name of the Lord Jesus in The National Evangelical Church (NEC) in premises of the American Medical Mission. It was the only place of worship for expatriate Christians at that time.

That was the beginning of a new era for the non-Catholic Malayalee Christians in Kuwait. All Malayalee Christians came together under the banner of Kuwait Town Malayalee Christian Congregation (K.T.M.C.C.) in 1956 for common worship and study. But a group of 40 members belonging to the Indian Orthodox Syrian Church started their own worship, to uphold the Orthodox faith and beliefs, every Tuesday evening from 1957 with the blessings of H. H. Moran Mar Baselios Geevarghese II. Thus it was the first among all Indian, particularly Malayalee congregations, to function independently. Later, all other major congregations in NEC started their own independent parishes.