St. Stephens Orthodox Church Kuwait

Malankara Orthodox Syrian

Kuwait City, Kuwait City, Kuwait


10 St
Kuwait City Kuwait City, Kuwait


Friday @ 6:30AM and 6:30 PM

St. Stephen was martyred in Jerusalem about the year AD.35, He is considered to the first Christian martyr (the proto Martyr) and one of the first deacons of the Christian church

All that we know the life, trial and death of St.Stephen, is found in the book of Acts, Chapter 6and 7. In the long chronicle of Christian martyrs, the life of Stephen stands out as one of the most moving and memorable.

Although His name is Greek (From Stephanas, Meaning Crown), Stephen was a Jew probably among those who had been born or who had lived beyond the borders of Palestine, and therefore had come under the influence of the prevailing Hellenistic culture. The New Testament does not give us the circumstances of his conversion. It would seem, however, that soon after the death of the Messiah he rose to a position of prominence among the Christians of Jerusalem and used his talents especially to win over the Greek speaking residents of the city,