NECK Campus
Kuwait City Kuwait City, Kuwait


Every Saturday @ 07.00 PM - 09.00 PM at North Tent, NECK

The St. John’s Tamil CSI Church affirms that the Church is the Servant of God to carry on the mission rooted in Jesus Christ based on the Scriptures. The Cross continues to be the sign of hope for the witnessing Church, which strives towards Unity, Peace, and Reconciliation as a vibrant Channel of God.

At the start of the St. John's Tamil CSI Church Kuwait, the common council insisted us to start the church with an Ordained Presbyter with short notice. Because of Rev. ITTY MATTHEW's generous acceptance to be the Presbyter, we could dedicate the church on Tuesday 10/11/1998, He has conducted the Service in Tamil and served Holy Communion. Even though he does not know to read and write Tamil, conducted service for six months, by writing the order of service translated to Malayalam and conducted in Tamil for six months period.

The St. John’s Tamil CSI Church had its genesis on 10th November 1998, in the North Tent of the National Evangelical Church in Kuwait (NECK) Campus, when a group of Tamil Christians in Kuwait, who were from various Church denominations worshipping under independent lay leaderships as Christian Tamil Congregation Kuwait, decided to have an ordained presbyter for their spiritual nourishment and shepherding care and The Holy Spirit of the Only True Shepherd Jesus Christ made their vision come true.

It was an unquenchable desire of the majority members of the Kuwait Tamil Christian Congregation to bring a Tamil CSI Church in Kuwait and Mr.H.B. Jeevaraj Thomas Mr.M. Rajan, Mr. Justin Bright , Mr.Paul C. Samuel, and Mr.K.Jesudhas, took the lead with many other committed Christians. Mr. K.P Koshy, the then vice-president of the Common Council initiated serious measures in getting official approval from the common council of the NECK. The common council of the NECK gave its approval to this Church and the North Tent of the NECK Campus was allocated as the worship venue.

A constitution, based on the CSI constitution was drafted and the Order of Worship used was based on the Book of Common Worship of the Church of South India. The Church got its official approval from the Synod of the Church of South India as of August 2002. Rev. P. Boaz, a presbyter from Kanyakumari Diocese, was appointed as the first Presbyter of the St. John’s Tamil CSI Church, Kuwait by the Synod of CSI, from December 1999 till April 2003. Till then Rev. Itty Mathew, a Malayalam presbyter worked in one of the schools as principal, Mr. Charles Mohan, a church worker from Madurai Diocese and Rev. S. Kanagadhas, a presbyter from Kanyakumari Diocese were temporarily appointed by the Church Committee to conduct worship services in the Church. After Rev. Boaz, Rev. D. Justin Devadhason, a presbyter was sent by the Bishop of Kanyakumari Diocese for a brief period of three months on request from the Church. The Synod then appointed Rev. Stephen Daniel, a presbyter from Tirunelveli Diocese from August 2003 and after Rev. Stephen Daniel, Rev. Winfred Jeyaraj, presbyter from Chennai Diocese ministered in this Church from May 2005 -2009. Then the Presbyter, Rev. D. Justin Devadhason from Kanyakumari Diocese was appointed from 15th August 2009, and shepherding this Church till April 2013, And then Rev. Samuel Nithyanandam from Vellore Diocese was appointed by the synod from May 2013 and after he left Rev. Noble C. Gembeerem from Vellore Diocese taken over and shepherding the church from April 2014. A revised Constitution was drafted in May 2011 so as to accommodate the revised elements of the CSI constitution 2002, was approved by the Moderator of the CSI.

A branch Church was inaugurated on 10th January 2012 at Mangaf with a name St. John’s Tamil CSI Church Ahmadhi Branch for the benefit of the Christian community in Mangaf, Faheel, Ahmadhi and Fintas areas.Moderator of the Church of South India, The Most Rt. Rev. G. Devakadasham, visited our Church in 2012 and confirmed 13 of our members in to Holy Communion. The Moderator also visited our Branch Church on 8th January 2013, for the first Church Annual Day Function and confirmed 9 persons into Holy Communion.

“This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvelous in our eyes” As many CSI members are living in the vicinity of Abbasiya, the Executive Committee of 2015-2018, decided to start the Worship Extension at Abbasiya for their convenience. Accordingly, on 13.07.2018, the branch Church was started at Shlomo Hall at Abbasiya and now we have over 90 persons attending the Church Service. The worship extension has flourished over the months with its own choir and Children’s Bible School with 40 children attending regularly. Weekly services - from 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm, every Thursday.